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Amitoz Deol

Web Developer

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About Me

Hello, I am Amitoz Deol, designer and full-stack developer working to create the best websites with modern technologies like Typescript and the fundamentals of usability.
I’m located in New York where I work as a Web/App Developer Lead for some great clients over at Kognito in Manhattan.
Despite acquiring considerable knowledge in my development time, I do not rest on my laurels and constantly try to develop, which allows me to write better code and create more advance projects. Follow me on LinkedIn to know more about me and my current projects.


February 2019 – Present


Web Development

  • Help move the entire company to a services-based infrastructure as we scale up to serve our simulations on any platform, anywhere, anytime.
  • Created many internal tools using Laravel for RESTful API's and Vuejs/Typescript for frontend development, to help assist creating user data.
  • Build a project with web a​ccessibility​ in mind. WCAG 2.0, WCAG 2.1, CVAA, ADA, Section 504, and Section 508.
  • Work with QA team to ensure maximum stability, performance and quality. Write documentation and automated tests using Jest/Cypress and PHPUnit.

February 2017 – February 2019

EAW Electronic Systems

Web Development

  • Working on a Building Automation Devices for remote central heating control. Developed a dashboard to customize and manage the heat, hot water, pressure, and humidity of the entire building.
  • Use of Android Studio and Xcode for developing and maintaining the android and ios app for the product.
  • Using Laravel as PHP framework for the backend and Composer for package manager.
  • Front end tools include Bootstrap, Javascript and Jquery. Custom charts are made using D3JS and C3JS libraries.
  • Using NPM and Webpack for package management and bundling.
  • Git and Gitlab for Version Control.

August 2016 – December 2016

Cornerstone Services

Backend Web Development

  • Development of overall programming(back-end using PHP) structure as well as refining functionality of Project Management Dashboard modules and utilities.
  • Maintaining SQL database objects and perform database capacity planning, data modeling, data loads, troubleshooting, database backup and restore.


SUNY New Paltz

Aug 2012 - Dec 2016

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

GPA: 3.53

Dutchess Community College

Aug 2013 - May 2015

Associates in Computer Science



emc 2020

Client Management Tool

Create an internal dashboard tool for client management team to give them the ability to manage client set up and account information.
Tools: Vuejs, Vuex, External API's, and Laravel. Using Test Driven Development as the standard.

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emc 2020

EMC 2020

Create an responsive dashboard website for controlling and maintaining of an automatic central heating systems for big buildings. Development of an Android as well as ios app that goes along with it.
Tools: Laravel, JAVA and Swift for iOS app

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Sparks Magazine

The mission of Sparks Magazine is to provide a mixed-media platform to create content to engage in, develop and understand the Asian and Pacific Islander American experience.
Tools: CMS - Wordpress, using Mysql for database and PHP for backend technology. W3 cache tool to speed up the performance of the website.

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tick fitness

Tick Fitness

Designed and developed this website for a gym that provides Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Personal Training and Massage and integrated fitness solutions
Tools: Figma, Tailwind, Javascript, Webpack, CSS3.

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project management dashboard

Project Management Dashboard

Shifting through multiple document to find the task worth reporting could be time consuming and tedious. With a project management dashboard, you can quickly communicate the status of your project and share the big picture view. Dashboard helps in:
Tools: Javascript, jQuery, mySQL, PHP

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jon's village taxi

Jon's village taxi

Website for a local taxi company in New paltz, NY.
Tools: Bootstrap and Jquery. For animation I'm using animate.css. External API's incuded - Google maps.

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